Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I’m Back!

It’s been almost a year since I’ve updated my blog!!! Time flies when you are having fun! I’m going to try to do better and keep this updated mostly for my sake!! I finally have my life somewhat back together after having a baby. It only took me a year…. Things are going really well. Madi is 4. She is in dance, soccer, and preschool right now. She loves them all!! She loves to imagine that she is in different movies. Right now she is in Camp Rock 2. She has quite the imagination!

Beau is 1! I cannot believe it! She is so funny and loves her big sister. She says “HI” to everyone and, just like her big sister, loves to be the center of attention. She just learned how to walk, and she toddles everywhere now! She is so fun to watch! She loves to wrestle with her daddy and can have quite the attitude. She will take on anyone, no matter what size! We call her our brute, and Beauzilla!

Brian is working hard as usual. He just got back from hunting in Utah, and has another deer hunt here in about a month. He cracks me up!

I’m still watching my nephews and niece. They are getting big! I’m going to Medical Transcription school and have a couple months left! I can’t wait to be done! Other than that I just chase two little girls around, try to come up with craft projects, and find/cook new recipes!

Here are some pictures of the years events:


Us in Minnesota in January. It was a little cold!! =-)


Me and the girls in HAWAII!! We got to see my little sister!


Madi’s 4 year old Hula party!


Easter (they both looked thrilled!)


T-ball (she didn’t really like it all that much)










Cute Beau Bear


Beau’s 1st Birthday!!


Daddy and Beau taking kids for rides on the Little Ladder at the open house. Beau meant Business!