Monday, October 27, 2008

This weekend we finally carved our pumpkins. I bought them a few weeks ago, but we just haven't had time to do it, So this last weekend I made us! We kind of have a problem with procrastinating, but at least they won't be rotten for Halloween! We had a lot of fun! We've carved pumpkins before with Madi, but she's only two so she doesn't remember, and she thought it was the funniest thing! And "yucky" and she said! She tried really hard to clean hers out but I think that it kind of grossed her out! I bought little ones for her and me, and a big one for Brian. Madi couldn't believe the inside of Brian's. She said it was very yucky and looked like spaghetti.

Working hard

Yay for Halloween

This is serious!

The "yucky spaghetti"

I love this picture!

The finished products!

Our cute Halloween porch! Thanks to Kendyl and my mother-in-law for the cute crafts! Madi says the little ghost girl is her friend, "so be nice"!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I love the Fall! I love cold weather, and my winter clothes! I love the smell of our fireplace and running in from the cold to a warm and cozy house! But I think my most favorite part is this:

FOOTIES!!! I love these pj's on my little girl! I get so excited for it to be cold, just so she can wear them.

And notice the lovely bruise on her head. That's a whole different story in itself! We were at my mom & dad's house for a couple days and she thought it was so funny to walk around with her silky over her head. Well about 2 minutes into it she ran into the wall. Of course she was screaming and mad, so you would think she wouldn't do it again right? WRONG! She then ran into the corner of the TV, and BAM! She had the biggest knot on her head I have ever seen! Poor girl! We got lucky though because earlier that day we got her pictures taken, so at least she didnt' have a big-ol-bruise for that!