Monday, December 15, 2008

Elf Yourself

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We had a really good Thanksgiving this year in the valley. Lots of food and family. We missed Brianne, Tim, & Jace but other than that we had fun. I was bummed about the after Thanksgiving sales though. There was nothing worth going to the store at 5 in the morning for. Brandy and I did that last year and had so much fun. We were so excited to do it again, but there was nothing we wanted to buy, so we just slept in. Brian decided though at 11 o'clock at night on Friday that we needed an Xbox and Guitar Hero, so he went and got that. It's so fun!! We are rockers now!

Here are some pictures we took at my parents on Thanksgiving day. I needed them for Christmas gifts and I think they turned out pretty good.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last weekend we went to the Little Big Town/ Carrie Underwood concert with our awesome friends Brady and Stacie. We had so much fun!!! I didn't know a lot of Carrie's songs but she is such a great singer and she can play the guitar! (which I wish I could do, I don't know why, because I would have nowhere to play it, but it would still be cool!) Brian was a goober though, he brought a pocket knife in the arena and set the metal detector off so the security guard said he could put the knife in the car or through it away. So he decided to give it to the guard, because he was hungry and didn't want to walk all the way back to the truck. So needless to say the concert cost us more than we thought! About $90 more for a new knife! What am I going to do with him! I think it was just an excuse to get a new knife!

Brady and Stacie

Thanks again guys for inviting us! We had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We had a lot of fun this Halloween! Talie and her kids, and Ben and Cindy came over for pizza, and then we got all the kids ready to go trick-or-treating. It was total craziness at my house, but worth it. I think everyone had fun!

Grumpy Snow White! I could not get a smile out of her for pictures

Snow White with Grumpy! Hmm... maybe that is what she should have dressed up as

Cute kids! Brody was a pirate, Kasie was Cinderella, and Riley was Iron Man

Beautiful Princesses!


Madi has been obsessed with Snow White ever since she saw Shrek 3. She loves the part where Snow White sings the Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song". She will dance and sing just like Snow White. Well, now she is thrilled, because she has the dress to match the part. So here is a little video of her in action!

Monday, October 27, 2008

This weekend we finally carved our pumpkins. I bought them a few weeks ago, but we just haven't had time to do it, So this last weekend I made us! We kind of have a problem with procrastinating, but at least they won't be rotten for Halloween! We had a lot of fun! We've carved pumpkins before with Madi, but she's only two so she doesn't remember, and she thought it was the funniest thing! And "yucky" and she said! She tried really hard to clean hers out but I think that it kind of grossed her out! I bought little ones for her and me, and a big one for Brian. Madi couldn't believe the inside of Brian's. She said it was very yucky and looked like spaghetti.

Working hard

Yay for Halloween

This is serious!

The "yucky spaghetti"

I love this picture!

The finished products!

Our cute Halloween porch! Thanks to Kendyl and my mother-in-law for the cute crafts! Madi says the little ghost girl is her friend, "so be nice"!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I love the Fall! I love cold weather, and my winter clothes! I love the smell of our fireplace and running in from the cold to a warm and cozy house! But I think my most favorite part is this:

FOOTIES!!! I love these pj's on my little girl! I get so excited for it to be cold, just so she can wear them.

And notice the lovely bruise on her head. That's a whole different story in itself! We were at my mom & dad's house for a couple days and she thought it was so funny to walk around with her silky over her head. Well about 2 minutes into it she ran into the wall. Of course she was screaming and mad, so you would think she wouldn't do it again right? WRONG! She then ran into the corner of the TV, and BAM! She had the biggest knot on her head I have ever seen! Poor girl! We got lucky though because earlier that day we got her pictures taken, so at least she didnt' have a big-ol-bruise for that!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Open House!

I just wanted to let everyone know that will be in Show Low October 4th, that it is the Show Low Fire and Police Departments' open House from 10am-2pm at the firestation. It should be really fun, with lots of games and things for the kids to do, and free food and soda, so what gets better than that! So come and you can also check out Brian's new shop! Hope to see you all there!

Monday, September 15, 2008


We went camping over the weekend. It was a blast!! Except for the bugs! I don't know what it was but they where everywhere! I know outdoors= bugs , but they were really bad this year! Anyways we got a portable DVD player just in case it rained, because what are you suppose to do with a 2 year old in a trailer, especially if it rains a lot! And it came in very handy! We got a flat tire on the trailer on the way up to Hanagan's Meadow, and it rained the first day, and then we got a flat on the way home on the trailer. So needless to say Madi was an angle because she had her movies to watch.

Madi loved her little Quad! As you can see though she had a hard time steering and ran into the trailer!

I bought her some play makeup to keep her busy, and boy did it! She looked glam the whole trip!

It was a fun trip and I do like to camp, but It's good to be home!!!!

Potty Training!!!

It's been awhile so I need to catch up! Well we've had a horrible time pottytraining Madi! She was doing so good from about the beginning of May to June and then all of a sudden it just STOPPED!!! Now she drives me crazy! If we go anywhere she sure wants to use the potty just because she wants to check out the bathroom. But at home notta!! So then I had a bright idea to make a potty chart, and if she filled it with stars she would get her favorite movie Peter Pan. Well about 4 months later she filled it up and got her movie, but is she potty trained? NO!!! Hopefully she will get it soon and good by to pull-ups!!!!

Here she is proudly displaying her chart in her Cheerleader costume! She loves that thing!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kiddy Corral

We bought our house in October of 2007 and have always wanted to put up a fence so that the little ones would have somewhere to play. Well about 9 and a half months later it is finally finishes! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! There is still a lot of work to do back there, but at least Madi and her cousins can wonder around now!

This is a picture of the side of the house.

Homeless Children? That's Brody and Kaysie (Cousins) with Madi. My mom gave me a bunch of dresses from when I was a little girl, so I let them play dress up with them and don't they look gorgeous. Yay for the 80's.

They are sitting in the only toy we have in the back yard right now. Poor kids. It's one of those turtles you put sand in. Well we don't have any sand right now and we have tried 3 times to buy a swing set and trampoline. But we can't find any on the mountain with out spending a fortune, so this is it for now. They don't seem to mind though. I think anyways!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I think I finally have my blog like I want it. It only took me FOREVER!! Anyways everything is going good here. My grandma Thomas broke her hip last Thursday night so we have been in the valley visiting her. She is going to be okay so that is the good news.

My little sis Brianne and her family moved to Hawaii the beginning of July, she mailed this little outfit for Madi to me and I got it today

ALOHA!!! She is adorable in it! She thinks she looks like a princess of course because everything is princess in her eyes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ok, so I saw that everyone else has a blog, so finally I decided I should have one too! I am very, very, very new at this though so be patient with me! I'm going to try to get everything together and I will post something new soon! YAY!!!!